Saturday, May 20, 2017

Alguacil with Missile Launcher

More Infinity stuff today.  Still trying to get my basic 300 point army ready for some local gaming. The Infinity scene around here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is really active so I'm really looking forward to getting more games played here in the future.  I hate to play with unpainted miniatures, so I've just decided to make Infinity the focus for the time being until I get these all painted.

So here's a little background on the Nomads (the faction I picked).     Infinity is set 175 years into the future. In that time humanity has achieved planetary colonization and long distance space travel.  The Nomads are a coalition of three massive ships that travel from planet to planet offering goods and services.  Each specializes in certain skills and services that they offer to interested buyers.

Tunguska - information trafficking and storage.
Corregidor - skilled labor at competitive prices
Bakunin - exotic goods from fashion to nano-engineering (legality is optional)

For now, my basic troops will be the Corregidor Alguaciles.  In regards to points they are really cheap and they come with a nice selection of weaponry.   So first up... I picked up a support weapon in the form of a missile launcher.  In the few games I've played so far I have ran into quite a few enemies that were either robots or in heavy armor.  So this guy is a pretty cheap option and handy to have around for helping with some of those heavier hitters on the table.

(Photography credits to my lovely wife Alla)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Nomad Spektr with Combi Rifle

Here's another Infinity figure from Corvus Belli.  This is another troop for my Nomads army.

The Spektrs are master of infiltration, having some of the best camouflage systems in the game.  In the actual game they basically start invisible on the board until you start moving them.  I have had some pretty good success with this one in the few games that I have played so far.  They're not so great in a stand up fight, but their ability to come out of nowhere and be a real pest for a turn can be very valuable.

When I was thinking about paint schemes I considered some camouflage patterns, but really I would assume this is all done electronically with light-bending software et cetera.  So I kept my base red color that I'm using for all my Nomad troops, and then using some gray tones to keep his appearance a little muted.  As for the weapons, I've been treating them all as if they were made of ceramics.  So I went for black on this guy's weapons and highlighted with a dark blue.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!  Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nomad Grenzer with MULTI Sniper Rifle

Greetings friends!  It's been a while.  I've finally gotten some painting mojo in my blood, so I wiped the dust and cat fur off my painting table to got back to work.  Trying to decide which stack of toys to work on was a hard decision, but since I already had a bunch of Infinity stuff assembled and primed this was the most feasible choice.  And they are really just awesome figures too.

This guy came with the Nomads starter I bought winter of last year.  If you couldn't guess by the very large rifle... he's a sniper.  Now you're probably thinking that orange is probably not a prime choice for snipers and I would have to agree, but I won't.  Nope.  It's the future and I can do what we want!  Honestly I just liked the color combo.  Anyway, if any other Grenzers become available in the future they won't be just snipers so then it would be more like a uniform.

So, here's some pictures.  [photography credits to my wonderful wife!]

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


So I've been a bit quiet here lately.  I was getting a little burned out by the last two weeks of the Painting Challenge.  I didn't even bother to paint my last bonus round entry even though it was primed and ready to go.  Partly because the entry that won the 4th round was a miniature of Emiliano Zapata, and my planned entry for the 5th round was Francisco Villa and a camera crew.  Following up the 4th round winner with another Mexican Revolution entry just seemed lame.

In addition to that, I had just finished painting my 10mm Warband armies.  So I started learning the rules and playing a few test games.  From that point I found it hard to get back into painting mode and that's when I discovered...

Yes, the Warhammer Fantasy version of the PC game series Total War.  Having played "Total War: Rome" and "Total War: Napoleon" I assumed it would be a nice distraction for a couple of days.  BUT oh man...  this one is really good!!  I think the campaign system for this game is the best of the Total War series.  Each faction has different campaigns too.  I've been totally hooked and have completed the Empire, Bretonian, and Dwarf campaigns.  And just started a Vampire Counts campaign.  This is bad.. really bad.

On a positive note, I forced myself to sit down and finish another figure for Infinity.  I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet, but you will probably see it here in a week or so.  Huh?  A week or so?  What? Oh yeah, I'll be flying out to Kyoto, Japan tomorrow with my wonderful wife to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms.  Can't wait!  So if I fail to post any comments on any blog posts for the next week blame it on distractions!  (see what I did there?  heh!)

Sorry the lack of miniature goodness in the post.  Take care friends!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

This week's flurry of painting saw the "completion" of my 10mm Warband project and a few extra figures.  I put completion in quotes because you all know we tend to add more units here and there, and I'm sure that will be the case for both my Dwarf and Undead Armies.  Anyway, enough blabbing and on to the pictures.

I painted up 3 units of skeleton warriors.  I really wanted these 3 units to look like a horde so I opted to put 26 figures on each stand.  One of which is the Necromancer in charge.  You don't think these skeletons would just form up in rank and file on their own do ya?   I had determined with my first units that this army's colors would be purple and yellow and the coat of arms would be a 1/4 yellow moon and a star.  So all the shields with enough space has either stars or the moon and star combination.

This also starts the Where's Waldo portion of today's post.  Can you find the cat hair in each picture?  Goodness... no matter how hard I tried there's probably one that sneaked its way into EVERY SINGLE PICTURE!

And the group shot...

So what are those big bones back there you ask?  Catapults!

I still had some time left for painting, but nothing in my ready to paint queue seemed to fit this theme.  So I pulled some Reaper Bones skeletons out of my lead pile that I plan to use for Dragon Rampant or Open Combat.  This was my first time painting any of the Reaper plastics, as I generally buy the metals.  There were 6 total, but I honestly just didn't like the soft bendy plastic so I stopped at three.  I'll get some more skeletons, but I'll shoot for metal for now on.

No matter what they try to tell you.  Size matters...

I believe your catapults were some friends of mine...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The New Recruits

This is my entry for Bonus Round #4 for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.  The theme is "West".

Captain Weeks looks at the 3 men before him as he runs them through some practice drills.  He will do his best to teach these new recruits as much as he can in the next week before they reach camp.  He had hoped for better numbers, but now these will have to do.

After Trenton, he was given a couple of weeks leave to head home and to take care of some family affairs.  On his return he was to travel through several counties of New Jersey to enlist more recruits.  Starting in Egg Harbor he worked his way West towards Philadelphia.  Along the way he picked up these three volunteers.  Morale was high after Trenton, but people were still more inclined to join the militia than the continental army because discipline was more lax in the state militia units.


The young man and the clerk showed promise.  The third fellow, only volunteered at the insistence of his townsfolk.  Cpt. Weeks showed concern, but the Mayor said he would do the town a great service by taking the man into the army.  No, not promising at all.  But three was better than two.  The man would have to do.

Right face!
A few more drills and then it was time to continue the march West.  Time to get these new recruits outfitted and ready to join General Washington.

About face!

4 - 54mm figures from All The Kings Men Toy Soldiers

This is one of those projects I have been meaning to pick back up for some time now.  54mm sadly requires a lot of table space, but now that I've recently picked up Sharp Practice 2 I have this urge to try to play it with my 54mm AWI guys.  So you may see more of this soon.  :)

Unfortunately for these recruits they never found Washington's army because a strange rift opened up in their path and a giant cat named Freya stepped through and devoured them.  But that's an alternate history...


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Creakin' of Old Bones

Here's some more of my 10mm Undead army for Warband.  I'm already being plagued by thoughts of adding more troops and I have to constantly remind myself to paint what I have on-hand.  It's something we all experience as miniature gamers, rationalized as "but it will be here when I ready to continue this project".  That "reserve" is also known as the lead pile.  I'm still working on my goal of making a dent in it this year and so far I'm being successful!

So here's a shot of the three new stands together.  We have a skeletal crossbow unit, a necromancer unit, and the leader unit.  One thing that came about with doing these units is that I decided on a army color scheme.  With my Dwarves I had chosen Red & Blue.  Deciding to give my units a sense of uniformity I went with Purple and Yellow.  This is not to say I connect the Undead to the American college football team Louisiana State University, but I am an Alabama fan so it kinda fits!

The Undead Army box only comes with 4 figures for the General unit.  That seemed like a rather large base for just 4 minis so I added a couple of ghouls and vampires I had ordered separately.  I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

The same thing goes for the Necromancers.  There were just 4 in the package and the spooky monolith.  I wanted to make it look like these guys meant business.  So I had also ordered some spirit figures.  I added 6 to this base and I think it makes these guys look like a unit to be wary of just rushing into for a fight.

The last unit is my ranged unit.  I went with all crossbows, saving the longbows for a potential later unit to build.  I decided that all my skeletal units would be accompanied by a necromancer.  You never know when those skellies will start falling apart!  It's like a team mechanic repairing or replacing parts as needed!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Huntmaster Farhop and Whisper

There very few who can claim to know all the paths of Cool Dip Swamp better than Hedger Farhop, the Royal Huntmaster.  There are even fewer who can claim to be able to name the species all the creatures that inhabit the swamp.  But none can claim to know the life patterns, migrations, feeding habits of all its creatures as well as Hedger Farhop.  A point he takes an extreme amount of pride in, especially after downing a few Muckfly Ales.

The Huntmaster can almost always be seen accompanied by his faithful companion, Whisper, the wasp.  Their work is well coordinated but often neither will mutter a sound, and yet when you see them at work it is almost as if they can read each other's minds.

He is a very quiet man frog who tends to keep to himself.  And would prefer to spend most of his time alone in the swamps instead of social gatherings.

But, when it comes to organizing and leading the hunt, he does come out of his quiet shell and excels at his work.  It is said that there  has never been a better and more skillful Master of the Hunt.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is another figure from Darksword Miniatures.  Cheers!Rod

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My AHPC Bonus Round 3 - "Home" Entry



Do you have an adventurous spirit?  Dreams of traveling to a newly discovered world and being one of its early pioneers?  Want to earn an advanced degree in leading technology fields?

This is your opportunity!

Doucet Corporation has the answer for you!  We are looking for young couples willing to live and work on remote research stations on newly discovered worlds.  You will have your own home right next to your work.  This home will have all the most modern amenities to help you feel comfortable and safe on your new world.  A new life of discovery is waiting for you and we'll provide the job, the home, and the advanced education.

This picture is our newly built research station on Oizys.  Two couples currently occupy this research station and are at work analyzing weather patterns, minerals, agriculture, and many other subjects to help prepare for colonization of this planet.

Interested in joining one of the Doucet Corporation research teams?

1) Young married couples (30-45 years of age).  No children.  [Families may be started once on location.]
2) Both must have Masters degrees.
2) Must pass physical and mental examinations.
3) Must be willing to attend school for doctoral degrees selected by Doucet Corporation [based on current research needs].
4) Must sign a 5 year contract to work on research station.  Options to continue staying at the site will be based on job performance after completion of initial contract.

Please click the "Apply" button to get further details.


Doucet Corporation is a registered corporation on 17 worlds, including Sol Prime.  Name and logos are trademarked by the Federation of Human Planets and protected by its laws.


The buildings are all 15mm and made by Brigade Models.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Beating a Dead Horse...

I'm not sure how it translates in other languages, but in English there's an expression "beating a dead horse".  It basically means you keep bringing up a same opinion over and over even though it won't change anything, but just gets annoying to everyone having to hear it.  Well, that's what I kept thinking when I was painting these Skeletal Cavalry.  But it was really more of just how long does a skeletal horse go?  Sure it doesn't get tired.  But don't they start falling apart after a while?  Meh, I just over thinking it.  It's magic!  Fantasy!  Who cares?

So, speaking of fantasy, magic, and the Undead.  How about I introduce you to the start of my 10mm Undead army for Warband.  You didn't think I painted up all those Dwarves so they could sit on the shelf and drink all my ale did you?

More to come soon.  Enjoy the last hours of your weekend.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Dwarves are Marching!

Greetings friends!  Today we venture back into the realms of fantasy... tiny fantasy... I mean, like seriously... 10mm tall fantasy.  They may be wee Dwarves, but I swear all the beer casks are still empty.  So on to the pictures.  Here is the last stand of Dwarf Warriors.

With these guys done, that means my starter pack for Warband is done.  I have bought a few more Dwarves since then, but I'll hold on to them for now.

Now this means we can do a group shot of the Army.  Thanks to my lovely wife and her fancy photography skills I think these pictures turned out really super.

The "Family" shot of all 8 stands.

Here's the picture of the Cavalry, Magic Users, Leader and Artillery.

And below is the Ranged Unit and 3 stands of Warriors.

The undead army is already in progress and on the painting table as you read this.  More tiny fantasy is in the future!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Hard Choice

A group of scientists under the employ of the Saito-Federov Corporation are currently on the surface of Oizys performing a geological survey.  They are heading South in a company grav hauler to a series of survey sites around a very large canyon.

At the edge of the canyon, the scientists get out of the vehicle to stretch their legs and have a look at the canyon.  They also need to decide which survey site they will visit next.

Dr. William Hurst:  "Well, site T-2-A is closest in distance due East, but the terrain is pretty rough so it will take us about two hours longer than it would to go to T-3-B which is straight West."

Dr. Debra Stanton: "That sounds more appealing to me.  Maybe the shuttle's maintenance will be done by then and it can lift us to the other sites."

Dr. Victor Johnson:  "The satellite team shows the movement of some hazardous bios that will be in our path if we go West.  I know its a faster trip, but may not be worth the risk right now. These are very large worms that are known to be aggressive."

[Satellite Image]

Dr. Pam Talley:  "Oh don't tell me..."
Dr. Victor Johnson:  "And the larvae have a very phallic appearance.  Locals have taken to calling them P-Worms.  They will attack just about anything that moves."

[Satellite Image]

Dr. Pam Talley:  "P-Worms.  Just our luck.  The whole thing would be captured on satellite too."

[Each team member envisions the attack]

. Debra Stanton:  "Ok, let's vote then.  East or West?  I vote East."

Dr. Pam Talley:  "East.  I don't won't to be remembered in a company dispatch as the team that was eaten by a very large..."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Willy?"

Dr. William Hurst:  "Definitely East.  I have no desire to tangle with a huge worm that looks like a..."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Johnson?"

Dr. Victor Johnson:  "I vote East."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Alright, that's four votes for East.  Let's mount up and get out of here."

And so the team headed East.


This was my entry for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Bonus Round # 2.

The theme was "EAST".

28mm Worms from Excalibur Miniatures
15mm figures from Ground Zero Games
15mm Grav Hauler from Darkest Star Games

The cargo in the back of the Grav Hauler was made out of plasticard, random bits of wire and plastic, and some green stuff.

The worms were a gift from my wife who bought them for me for Christmas.  They didn't arrive until after Christmas because she had ordered them from Germany and shipping took a bit longer during the holiday season.  I know I spent most of December wondering what this present was going to be because she giggled every time she thought of them.  I opened the box when it arrived and looked inside and was like, "Worms?"  And she says, "No, penis worms!  For your Sci-Fi!"  And sure enough... they do have that look and that's when I got the idea for this theme round.

Thanks you all of you that stop by and check out my little blog.  I appreciate you all!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bart Rallop, Royal Wizard and Keeper of the Generally Eternal Flame

Bart has served as the royal wizard and adviser to King Tribbit for as long as any frog in Cool Dip Swamp can remember. He is a wise old codger and well respected by all. Even tempered (which is quite rare in a wise wizard) he gets along with just about everyone.  Not only is he the leading authority in flora and fauna in the area, but he has a vast library of spells at his disposal.  Among his duties is keeping the Generally* Eternal Flame lit and available to all to see.  It is the beacon of enlightenment to the frogs of Cool Dip Swamp, proving to all they are more than just mere amphibians, but have grasped the use of tools and fire.

* - Note:  "Generally" is given here with the knowledge that all swamp creatures realize fires tend to fall prey to accidentally being extinguished in areas with large bodies of water.

The Frog Wizard is from Dark Sword Miniatures.