Monday, July 27, 2015

Pancho Villa Goes to Church

This weekend I decided to visit one of my "finished" projects, the Mexican Revolution.  I used the quotes there on finished, because this is one of those projects I plan to add bits and bobs to as I feel like it.  I have what I need to play a game, so at this point anything new just adds more flavor to the game.  I've had this church sitting in my resin pile for over a year now taunting me to paint it.  So, I setup my airbrush and went to work.

Sadly, I have no idea who makes this church or where I even got it from.

Pancho Villa and a couple of his Villistas finish searching the church.  The Federales have removed all the ammunition they had been storing there just a few days before.

I've been itching to play with my Mexican Revolution figures for a few weeks now.  So I wouldn't be surprised if you see this church again in the very near future...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let's talk about Grass...

I've been playing around with terrain here lately.  I'm a big fan of modular terrain.  I like having plenty of little bits and pieces of terrain to just scatter around and have a constantly changing game board.  I've seen several folks do grass with Teddy Bear fur and I have really been itching to try it.  So I went to the local fabric store and bought a big batch of fabric that I though would be good for a test run.  I cut out some pieces and set to work with my trusty airbrush.

The figures are 15mm Viet Cong to give a feel for the actual size.

This one is meant to be a corner piece of the game table.

The best part about this grass is I'm not allergic to it... and don't have to mow it!