Saturday, January 14, 2017

Beware! Dancing Zombies Ahead...

And whoever shall be found,
Without the soul for getting down...

[Queue Music!]


Happy...err... Frightful Saturday friends!  Another dent has been made in the lead pile I'm happy to say with another round of zombies getting painted.  These are all from ZombieSmith miniatures [well except for one really skinny one that I have no idea where he came from].  Back when I got into zombie gaming there were only a handful of companies that made zombies.  ZombieSmith at the time was the only one with a "horde" available so I shelled out my pennies.  Based and primed them immediately for playing, but never completely painted them.

Painting the Michael Jackson zombie forced thriller into my head constantly and then I found myself thinking it would be funny to pick out the ones that somewhat look like they would be part of a coordinated dance.  Painted the rest and took a picture.  Hope you got a chuckle.