Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Creakin' of Old Bones

Here's some more of my 10mm Undead army for Warband.  I'm already being plagued by thoughts of adding more troops and I have to constantly remind myself to paint what I have on-hand.  It's something we all experience as miniature gamers, rationalized as "but it will be here when I ready to continue this project".  That "reserve" is also known as the lead pile.  I'm still working on my goal of making a dent in it this year and so far I'm being successful!

So here's a shot of the three new stands together.  We have a skeletal crossbow unit, a necromancer unit, and the leader unit.  One thing that came about with doing these units is that I decided on a army color scheme.  With my Dwarves I had chosen Red & Blue.  Deciding to give my units a sense of uniformity I went with Purple and Yellow.  This is not to say I connect the Undead to the American college football team Louisiana State University, but I am an Alabama fan so it kinda fits!

The Undead Army box only comes with 4 figures for the General unit.  That seemed like a rather large base for just 4 minis so I added a couple of ghouls and vampires I had ordered separately.  I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

The same thing goes for the Necromancers.  There were just 4 in the package and the spooky monolith.  I wanted to make it look like these guys meant business.  So I had also ordered some spirit figures.  I added 6 to this base and I think it makes these guys look like a unit to be wary of just rushing into for a fight.

The last unit is my ranged unit.  I went with all crossbows, saving the longbows for a potential later unit to build.  I decided that all my skeletal units would be accompanied by a necromancer.  You never know when those skellies will start falling apart!  It's like a team mechanic repairing or replacing parts as needed!