Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Fairy and Her Garden

My wife, Alla, has a green thumb.  She has an impressive collection of Japanese orchids and African Violets (some pretty rare).  She puts a lot of hard work into it and our house always has a variety of plants in bloom.  Here lately she decided she wanted to display some of her micro violets in a display as a fairy garden.  She found some stuff online and most of it arrived looking pretty good.  Only thing that was really lacking was the paint job on the fairy she ordered.  So, she asked me to repaint it.

Basically most of it was like someone just did an ink wash over the clay...

Here's how it turned out after the repaint (mostly).  I was still working on the raccoon when she stole it to take her pictures so it still looks a bit plain.  Anyway, I think you'll see that she did a really awesome job on putting together her Fairy Garden.  I'm quite proud!



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On the Fringe of 15mm Space

Hi friends, once again I'm playing around with one of my old, but never forgotten projects.  These folks have been sitting in the lead pile for some time and I finally just said, "Let's paint!"  Well, really I painted and the little miniatures made giggling noises as I rubbed paint on them with the brush.

One of my plans for 15mm Sci-Fi was to have a setting on the fringe of space in a colony pretty far from everything modern.  Think of it has kind of a "Firefly" TV show setting.  The Wild West in space.  Luckily, Darkest Star Games has a lot of figures that match this setting with their "Colony 15" miniature line.  First up, I'm adding some more colonist...

And then there are the primitive inhabitants of the land.  Traded older equipment and weapons for access to their lands.  But sometimes, they don't like seeing what the colonists are doing... or perhaps jealousy and the need to grab more technology is their motivation?  Who knows?  But sometimes they get aggressive and attack weak gatherings of colonist.

Inspired by several projects people are doing with the French & Indian Wars, I took that same idea when I started painting the Zonii.  I thought bright and flashy colors with nothing to give them a real uniform look like the old North American Indians.  Here's how the Zonii warband turned out...

What's next?  I'm not sure.  I have enough 15mm to play some fun games now.  So either I'll add some more terrain for this game.  Maybe some more Infinity?  Whatever the case, I'm happy to say I will be starting a new job on September 5th.  So I have a few weeks of unemployment to actually get some painting done!


Sunday, August 13, 2017

15mm Vehicles for Sci-Fi

Recently I got in the mood to put the brush to some of my 15mm Sci-Fi toys.  Both of these vehicles come from Darkest Star Games.  Really not much to say, so just enjoy!

Fuel Truck

I really liked this retro-style tank.  Really had a Studio Ghibli feel to it.  :)

Light Hover Tank

More 15mm Sci-Fi posts coming this week.