Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Dwarves are Marching!

Greetings friends!  Today we venture back into the realms of fantasy... tiny fantasy... I mean, like seriously... 10mm tall fantasy.  They may be wee Dwarves, but I swear all the beer casks are still empty.  So on to the pictures.  Here is the last stand of Dwarf Warriors.

With these guys done, that means my starter pack for Warband is done.  I have bought a few more Dwarves since then, but I'll hold on to them for now.

Now this means we can do a group shot of the Army.  Thanks to my lovely wife and her fancy photography skills I think these pictures turned out really super.

The "Family" shot of all 8 stands.

Here's the picture of the Cavalry, Magic Users, Leader and Artillery.

And below is the Ranged Unit and 3 stands of Warriors.

The undead army is already in progress and on the painting table as you read this.  More tiny fantasy is in the future!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Hard Choice

A group of scientists under the employ of the Saito-Federov Corporation are currently on the surface of Oizys performing a geological survey.  They are heading South in a company grav hauler to a series of survey sites around a very large canyon.

At the edge of the canyon, the scientists get out of the vehicle to stretch their legs and have a look at the canyon.  They also need to decide which survey site they will visit next.

Dr. William Hurst:  "Well, site T-2-A is closest in distance due East, but the terrain is pretty rough so it will take us about two hours longer than it would to go to T-3-B which is straight West."

Dr. Debra Stanton: "That sounds more appealing to me.  Maybe the shuttle's maintenance will be done by then and it can lift us to the other sites."

Dr. Victor Johnson:  "The satellite team shows the movement of some hazardous bios that will be in our path if we go West.  I know its a faster trip, but may not be worth the risk right now. These are very large worms that are known to be aggressive."

[Satellite Image]

Dr. Pam Talley:  "Oh don't tell me..."
Dr. Victor Johnson:  "And the larvae have a very phallic appearance.  Locals have taken to calling them P-Worms.  They will attack just about anything that moves."

[Satellite Image]

Dr. Pam Talley:  "P-Worms.  Just our luck.  The whole thing would be captured on satellite too."

[Each team member envisions the attack]

. Debra Stanton:  "Ok, let's vote then.  East or West?  I vote East."

Dr. Pam Talley:  "East.  I don't won't to be remembered in a company dispatch as the team that was eaten by a very large..."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Willy?"

Dr. William Hurst:  "Definitely East.  I have no desire to tangle with a huge worm that looks like a..."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Johnson?"

Dr. Victor Johnson:  "I vote East."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Alright, that's four votes for East.  Let's mount up and get out of here."

And so the team headed East.


This was my entry for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Bonus Round # 2.

The theme was "EAST".

28mm Worms from Excalibur Miniatures
15mm figures from Ground Zero Games
15mm Grav Hauler from Darkest Star Games

The cargo in the back of the Grav Hauler was made out of plasticard, random bits of wire and plastic, and some green stuff.

The worms were a gift from my wife who bought them for me for Christmas.  They didn't arrive until after Christmas because she had ordered them from Germany and shipping took a bit longer during the holiday season.  I know I spent most of December wondering what this present was going to be because she giggled every time she thought of them.  I opened the box when it arrived and looked inside and was like, "Worms?"  And she says, "No, penis worms!  For your Sci-Fi!"  And sure enough... they do have that look and that's when I got the idea for this theme round.

Thanks you all of you that stop by and check out my little blog.  I appreciate you all!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bart Rallop, Royal Wizard and Keeper of the Generally Eternal Flame

Bart has served as the royal wizard and adviser to King Tribbit for as long as any frog in Cool Dip Swamp can remember. He is a wise old codger and well respected by all. Even tempered (which is quite rare in a wise wizard) he gets along with just about everyone.  Not only is he the leading authority in flora and fauna in the area, but he has a vast library of spells at his disposal.  Among his duties is keeping the Generally* Eternal Flame lit and available to all to see.  It is the beacon of enlightenment to the frogs of Cool Dip Swamp, proving to all they are more than just mere amphibians, but have grasped the use of tools and fire.

* - Note:  "Generally" is given here with the knowledge that all swamp creatures realize fires tend to fall prey to accidentally being extinguished in areas with large bodies of water.

The Frog Wizard is from Dark Sword Miniatures.



Saturday, January 14, 2017

Beware! Dancing Zombies Ahead...

And whoever shall be found,
Without the soul for getting down...

[Queue Music!]


Happy...err... Frightful Saturday friends!  Another dent has been made in the lead pile I'm happy to say with another round of zombies getting painted.  These are all from ZombieSmith miniatures [well except for one really skinny one that I have no idea where he came from].  Back when I got into zombie gaming there were only a handful of companies that made zombies.  ZombieSmith at the time was the only one with a "horde" available so I shelled out my pennies.  Based and primed them immediately for playing, but never completely painted them.

Painting the Michael Jackson zombie forced thriller into my head constantly and then I found myself thinking it would be funny to pick out the ones that somewhat look like they would be part of a coordinated dance.  Painted the rest and took a picture.  Hope you got a chuckle.  



Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

This week is the first bonus round of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.  The theme was armor and I had originally planned to do some vehicles from my Dust collection.  But then my wife surprised me with some miniatures for Infinity for Christmas.  I didn't actually get them until after Christmas because of shipping.  When I saw the Nomad Lizard Squadron I knew I had to use it for this first round.  I don't know why they call it "Squadron" when there's only one in the box... anyway!

Let me just say this thing was a beast to assemble.  It literally took me the whole Saturday to pin, glue, pin, glue, wipe up the pool of tears on my paint desk, glue, and pin... then I was wondering why all my fingers are glued together but the miniature is still in numerous pieces.  It was at this point I took a nap since I was already curled up in the fetal position under my desk.  I woke up, pinned some more parts and glued them all together.  By late evening I carried it to my garage like it was a Fabergé egg and sprayed it with gray primer.

While that was drying, I set to work on the base using the extra ammo belt and some small tanks that were supposed to attach to the back.  Cut some plastic to make a storage bin and dropped the bits inside.  I should also mention that while I was consulting the internet for pictures on how to assemble the battle armor that I noticed they had a pilot.  My mind was churning and I thought, "This would go well for my entry!"  I ordered it thinking I'd at least get it on Thursday.  [Yes, I broke my rule of not purchasing any new mini's for the challenge].  I literally spent the whole week just painting this Lizard battle armor and occasionally tracking my pilot through USPS.

Thursday night it begins to snow.  Most parts of the world would have called this a light dusting of snow.  But in my part of Texas it's a bit of a novelty and traffic becomes an utter nightmare.  This means shipping is delayed and my pilot will arrive on Saturday.  Deadline is Saturday at midnight.  I keep adding little details to the Lizard while watching for the mail truck.  Finally at 1 pm I have it in the mail and I rush inside and pull out the figure.  SO MANY TINY PIECES.  I assemble and paint.  Wish I could have done a better job on her, but there just wasn't enough time.

I also learned that when you paint something red and pink it is really difficult to get a good picture. I've made a note to myself to use more contrasting colors in the future.  I did manage to make the deadline and these ladies are sitting there with a bunch of other wonderful entries.  50 total entries to the bonus round.  So much to see!  You can find them all here... AHPC Bonus Round.



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hoppers of the 1st Royal Regiment of Hoppers

Greetings all!  Here's some more frogs for ya.  This is actually the last of my Eureka frogs.  Kinda tempted to get some more because they're so fun, but I really should find them someone to fight first.

Anyway, this was my second entry for the challenge.  I was going to try to pick a simpler color scheme, but ended doing just as much work.  But the Blue Poison Dart frog looked cool so I had to try it.  I like how they turned out.  I hope you do too!

Group shot...

Hoppers with Spears only...

And with shields...

And the drummer, standard bearer and captain.  The captain is rather dashing.  I decided to name him LaSalle after Napoleon's famous general.

I do have a handful of frogs I picked up from Darksword Miniatures, so this isn't the last of the frog posts.  But this week I'm working on some different toys.