Monday, September 4, 2017

All Units Engage - Preview

My long-time internet buddy Thomas Robson of the Peabody Here! has been writing a set of skirmish rules called All Units Engage (AUE).  This originated from him and his regular gaming buddies basically wanting a simple set of rules to play an odd assortment of game types.  For example, Fallout 4, with it's post-apocalyptic setting.  So why bring this up?  WELL, because he's getting close to finally releasing the finished product and he's put a FREE introduction to the game on Wargame Vault.

For the record, he didn't ask me to advertise this for him, but since he made it known on his Facebook group and some other groups I decided to help out and spread the word in the Blog-o-sphere.  I jumped on as a play-tester a little while ago and been trying out some different features of the game. So far, they have become my "go to" rules for Sci-Fi gaming.  As for the setting I'd say they will work well from anything around WWII and later.

So Rod, what's it like?
Well, they are Skirmish rules.  I'd say a Beer & Pretzel style game, but with those really tasty pretzels with the spicy mustard.  The rules are fairly simple and don't require you spend a lot of time with your head in the charts.  BUT, all the ground work is there to add any complexity you need to spice up your game.

Number of units?
Eventually you'll get more options for building your forces, but with the intro scenario has 5 troops per side.  Later with the rules you'll be able to add squads and vehicles.

Figure size?
I think you could use them for any size figures (typically individually based), but the measurements are written with 28mm and 15mm in mind.  I have been playing these rules with 15mm.

Table size?
Well, for the scenario in the preview it recommends 3'x3'.  Obviously you'll be able to go larger than that.

Game play?
Why are you still reading my ramblings?  Just go try them yourself.  They're free after all...