Monday, November 30, 2015

The Scavs - Tiny Space Scavengers

Any colony on the fringe of known space will have many things to worry about in their day to day lives.  Of those many dangers, there's one terror that people are only willing to speak of after several rounds of drinks have loosened the tongues and inhibitions.  The Scavs, which also have been called the Takers, the Scavengers, and the Yellow Menace, have no real name.  For they never attempt to communicate, never offer any form of trade, they just move in, kill everyone and then strip equipment bare and then just disappear.  What their purpose is and where they take the stolen resources is a real mystery.  The home planet of the Scavs has yet to be discovered.  The only positive thing going for those colonies on the fringe is that the Scavs have shown no ability to advance technology on their own.  They only seem to advance as they learn from stolen technology, which usually has them technologically a few paces behind their opponents.

These figures are from Khurasan miniatures.  They are the Crustacean Desert Mini-Nomads.  I originally got them because they have some resemblance to Jawas from Star Wars.  I figured it would be fun to have some.  I also have 6 weapons teams that I painted as well.

The Group Shot

Some of the different poses.

Heavy weapon teams.

My wife, ever helpful, offered her critique of my painting once I had finished all but the basing.  She said, "Why did you paint them all poop color?  Are they some kind of Poo Ninjas?"  Well, needless to say whatever response I offered in regards to them be the evil menace of the universe she would simply respond with "Poo Ninjas".  After a while I was having trouble thinking of them as anything but Poo Ninjas myself.  Oh well.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Alien Greys

I wasn't sure how soon I'd be ready to jump back into painting after all the time spent on my last project.  I have to say I was pretty worn out.  Then I saw these Alien Greys I had picked up from 15mm UK (several years ago) and I thought those would be pretty fun!  And I have to say they were.

I like how they have that 1960's Sci-Fi feel to them.  I wanted them to have distinguishing uniforms that identified their jobs (Troopers, Scientists, or Leaders) but still have a unifying element.  So they all got the yellow trim, with the Leaders being blue, the Troopers red, and the science team are all in green.

If you're looking some Grey aliens to take part in your off-world adventures or to land in some field and steal cattle, then I highly recommend these figures.

Also, on a personal note.  I'm really saddened by all the loss of the recent terrorist attacks.  To all my Russian and French internet friends I hope you and all your families are safe and were spared from these tragic events.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Small Town in Mexico

Well, I'm wrapping up this project with a few last minute additions.  We're on the home stretch!

First off I painted up another building for my town.  This is the stucco stable from Old Glory miniatures.  The roof is detachable too.

The next building is the Old Glory Sheriff/Marshall's office.  I'm using it as a railroad station.

Now that's done.  It was time to take a picture of the finished map.  There's bits hanging off or draped awkwardly, but on the game table at the convention it will fit right.

Tomorrow I'll be on the road to the convention.  Hope you all have a great weekend!