Monday, May 29, 2017

Alguaciles with Combi Rifles

Today's post will be adding some more light infantry to my Nomads force for Infinity.  These 3 alguaciles are equipped with Combi Rifles which is basically an assault rifle.  I have 1 more figure to paint [about 85% done actually] and I'll have completed painting the starter box.  :)  Once again my wife was kind enough to help me with the picture taking.

The Nomad spaceship Corregidor was originally a prison ship financially backed by a conglomeration of South American countries.  Prisoners were kept in cryogenic sleep and the ship was manned by a standard crew and police force.  As funding slowly faded the ship became independent and joined the ships Tunguska and Bakunin to form the Nomad Nation.  The Corregidor's specialty is skilled labor at an affordable price.  The Alguaciles ("Sheriffs") not only help to maintain order on the ship but also are often outsourced to third parties in need of their services.

For these three I wanted to give them a darker skin color to match the South American heritage.  I really had no intention of naming them, but the female quickly became Carmen.  My wife and I recently took my Mom to see Bizet's Carmen, and this figure's sultry pose and feisty looking attitude reminded me of the opera's main character.

Next up is Escamillo.  In the opera Carmen, Escamillo is a toreador ("bull fighter").  He sings one of the most recognized tunes in Carmen.  Seriously, Google "toreador" and listen to the song.  It will be stuck in your head for weeks!

And then finally we have Don Jose.  No, just kidding.  We'll leave out this character because I don't want to worry about him shooting Carmen at the end of the battle.  So we'll end with the opera characters and name this dude Rogerio!  Why?  He's a friend of the blog and has a really cool name so why not steal it! Hope you don't mind buddy!

I should be posting another figure later this week.  Just have some more highlights to do.

Hope you all have a good week!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Alguacil with Missile Launcher

More Infinity stuff today.  Still trying to get my basic 300 point army ready for some local gaming. The Infinity scene around here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is really active so I'm really looking forward to getting more games played here in the future.  I hate to play with unpainted miniatures, so I've just decided to make Infinity the focus for the time being until I get these all painted.

So here's a little background on the Nomads (the faction I picked).     Infinity is set 175 years into the future. In that time humanity has achieved planetary colonization and long distance space travel.  The Nomads are a coalition of three massive ships that travel from planet to planet offering goods and services.  Each specializes in certain skills and services that they offer to interested buyers.

Tunguska - information trafficking and storage.
Corregidor - skilled labor at competitive prices
Bakunin - exotic goods from fashion to nano-engineering (legality is optional)

For now, my basic troops will be the Corregidor Alguaciles.  In regards to points they are really cheap and they come with a nice selection of weaponry.   So first up... I picked up a support weapon in the form of a missile launcher.  In the few games I've played so far I have ran into quite a few enemies that were either robots or in heavy armor.  So this guy is a pretty cheap option and handy to have around for helping with some of those heavier hitters on the table.

(Photography credits to my lovely wife Alla)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Nomad Spektr with Combi Rifle

Here's another Infinity figure from Corvus Belli.  This is another troop for my Nomads army.

The Spektrs are master of infiltration, having some of the best camouflage systems in the game.  In the actual game they basically start invisible on the board until you start moving them.  I have had some pretty good success with this one in the few games that I have played so far.  They're not so great in a stand up fight, but their ability to come out of nowhere and be a real pest for a turn can be very valuable.

When I was thinking about paint schemes I considered some camouflage patterns, but really I would assume this is all done electronically with light-bending software et cetera.  So I kept my base red color that I'm using for all my Nomad troops, and then using some gray tones to keep his appearance a little muted.  As for the weapons, I've been treating them all as if they were made of ceramics.  So I went for black on this guy's weapons and highlighted with a dark blue.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!  Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nomad Grenzer with MULTI Sniper Rifle

Greetings friends!  It's been a while.  I've finally gotten some painting mojo in my blood, so I wiped the dust and cat fur off my painting table to got back to work.  Trying to decide which stack of toys to work on was a hard decision, but since I already had a bunch of Infinity stuff assembled and primed this was the most feasible choice.  And they are really just awesome figures too.

This guy came with the Nomads starter I bought winter of last year.  If you couldn't guess by the very large rifle... he's a sniper.  Now you're probably thinking that orange is probably not a prime choice for snipers and I would have to agree, but I won't.  Nope.  It's the future and I can do what we want!  Honestly I just liked the color combo.  Anyway, if any other Grenzers become available in the future they won't be just snipers so then it would be more like a uniform.

So, here's some pictures.  [photography credits to my wonderful wife!]