Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Federal HQ

This batch of painting adds some headquarters figures to my slowly growing Federal army.  I picked up all these figures from Gringo 40's Mexican Revolution line.  These are a little better sculpted than the Old Glory figures that make up the bulk of my troops, so I planned for them to all be used in more noticeable roles.

The first one is a Federal Police Officer, but I like the looks of this guy to be the Commander of my Federal Army.  So this will be my man in charge.

The next figure is actually a general, but I liked him more as a second in command.  I will be using him as staff officer/executive officer type.
The next two figures will work as "runners" in the game.  Especially with the Bugler I plan to adapt the communications rules to allow him a wider range for conveying orders through bugle calls.  I really liked this figure.

Next batch of figures will also be from Gringo 40's.

See you soon and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

More Peons

Well, I've made it through another batch of peons.  I have to say that Old Glory is one of the better deals if you are considering the Mexican revolution.  A pack of 30 figures at just over a $1 a figure is a good deal if you don't have to pay a ton of shipping.  I bought 2 packs of the Mexican Irregulars on foot.  However, with only 8 poses I've already gotten bored of painting the same figures over and over!  I think I may mix in a pack of the dismounted Villistas to use as peons if I decide I need more.  Right now I have 41 painted.

Here's the latest editions... some of these look a bit grainy.  I had some issues with my spray primer and the Texas heat.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gifts & Cats

So last week was our wedding anniversary and my wonderful wife surprised me with a couple of books.  I had seen these books in a store one time and drooled over them for a bit and then promptly forgot about them because they were a bit expensive, but mostly because I haven't gotten into Napoleonics.  Well, I think I have an excuse now...

But for now I'm still in the swing of painting up more Villistas for my Mexican Revolution project. Once I finish up with this batch of peons from Old Glory I have some really neat stuff from Gringo 40's I got in the mail last week.  Can't wait to start painting them.  

Helping me with my painting are these two "helpers"... Arwen (brown) and Freya (gray).

You might be thinking... "Wow Rod, that's one really clean painting desk!"  Yes, I agree.  One thing I've learned about kittens is that you have to learn how to keep all your supplies in containers.  I have learned the art of setting up my painting station or putting away my stuff in just a couple of minutes.  You never know when the little helpers will decide to take a nap so you have to get your painting in quick!!