Monday, April 13, 2015

Main Force Viet Cong

Took a little break to paint some figures that have been in my lead pile for a while.  These are Main Force Viet Cong from Flashpoint miniatures.  They paint up really quick with the black uniforms.  I tried to make some of the uniforms a bit more faded than the others, but in 15mm that's really hard to tell.  Anyway, they have plenty of reinforcements on the way!  Here is the first batch.

Some of the different poses...

There's more figures and more poses in the blister.  I just tend to paint all the same poses at the same time that way I can try to give each a little variation.  Mostly in color but hard to tell from my pictures.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Strelkovy - 2nd Platoon

Here's pictures of my 2nd Strelkovy Platoon.  This almost completes my first Strelkovy company.  I need to paint up a couple of Maksim machine gun teams and then I'll take the group shot.  After that it's on to the second Strelkovy company.

Strelkovy Company (Guards)

1 - Rifle Command   (Done)
1 - Kommissar Team (Done)
1 - Rifle Platoon  9-Rifle Stands (Done)
1 - Rifle Platoon  9-Rifle Stands (Done)
2 - Maksim HMG Teams

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Friday, April 3, 2015

Rebasing with Warbases

Last year I started the switch from 28mm Vietnam gaming to 15mm.  Surprisingly this is my third switch in scale for that period.  I originally started it in 20mm and sold off that collection to start 28mm.  Painting 28mm is great for all the detail, but it limited the amount of figures I could put on the table.  With 15mm you can have larger operations AND it's most importantly MORE AFFORDABLE.  Especially for all the vehicles.  So when I made the switch I decided to use Flames of War bases because it was very popular set of rules for Vietnam at the time.  Only problem is the rules I like for Vietnam gaming usually all use single basing of figures so my project stagnated while I pondered what to do...

The other day some friends introduced me to Warbases and my dilemma was solved.  So, now I can have single basing in 15mm but still have an easy way to move them around.  I LIKE IT.

Here's how they looked before.  These are US LRRPs figures from Flashpoint Miniatures.  I painted them in Tiger Stripe camo and add green/black face paint.

Now with the new bases on the movement trays from Warbases.

Also, I'm started to add pictures of stuff I've painted over the years.  They will have tabs on the menu. So far I have added my Pulp miniatures.  If you're interested please check them out.

Hope every has had a good week.  Next post will be soon as I have finished up another unit of Soviets.  :)