Wednesday, June 29, 2016

General Reille

Next on the list is one of my mounted French Generals, Honoré Charles Reille.  He doesn't really fit in my Russian campaign historically, but the figure can be used to represent other Generals!  So this figure will be put to good use.  This is from the Perry Miniatures Corp Commanders pack that also includes d'Erlon and Lobau.

One of the things I wanted to try when painting this figure was to see if I could do a dapple grey horse.  They have always been a favorite of mine just because of all the diversity in patterns of white, gray, and black.  In the end I think it came out a little darker than I was planning, but still pretty pleased with the results.  Here's a couple of pictures.

I have a couple of items on my painting desk that are almost finished.  So hopefully I'll have a few more updates soon.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

3 Battlesuits and the Ion Age Starter Set is Done!

This week I sat down and assembled the 3 Duxis Battlesuits that were the last pieces of the Starter set I bought for the Ion Age: Patrol Angis game.  Feels good to have it all finished and now I can test out some games.  The Duxis Battlesuits were the last unit for my League of Yorden force.  These were cool mini's and really about the size of 28mm figures, as you'll see in the picture when compared to the 15mm.

With those done, I decided to take the "family" shots of both forces.  So here goes!

Prydian force:

Once again I'm struggling with taking pictures of the 15mm guys.  So there's a bit of blur.  Also, I noticed when I was taking the pictures that I forgot to paint one of the guys armor bits white.  There's a gray guy in the mix.  I'll fix him later.  Funny how you miss that stuff.  I guess I was tired!

And now for the League of Yorden force:

Now to play some games.  After that I'll order some stuff here and there to give options to each force.

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