Saturday, March 12, 2016

Knights with Boobs and a French Lancer

Right now I'm still working my way through a unit of French Lancers,  but I took one night to knock out a few more figures for my Ion Age gaming.  These are some more retained Knights for the League of Yordan.  This whole unit is female, so to prove it beyond just having expanded chest armor, they decided to take off their helmets to show off their lovely hair styles.  Not sure how practical that is in combat, but I'm sure it helps with miniatures sales!

Also, I've finished my first lancer.  Took a bit as I worked on finding the right colors.  It will be hard to tell anything from this picture as I ended up washing out all the highlights with the lighting... oh well.  Miniature photography is harder than you'd think, no matter how many tutorials I read!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ion Age - Precinct Adventurers

The nice thing about 15mm figures is you can sit down and paint one pretty fast.  So while I'm working my way through a batch of French Lancers I try to take a break from time to time and paint some of the 15mm Sci-Fi figures.  Hopefully this will allow me to make frequent updates to my blog while I work on the larger stuff.

This batch is a five figure set from The Ion Age Universe.  They're labeled as Precinct Adventurers.  For me, they'll probably end up being spaceship crew members or inhabitants of my sci-fi town.  Here's the group shot...

One of these figures you saw in a previous post, but the rest are all newly painted.  Here's the one I painted previously.

And the new stuff.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Cheers!