Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pony Riders of Bofflard

The stout little ponies that come from the Bofflard region are easily recognized by their smaller size and shaggy coats, but are mostly known throughout the region for their rugged nature and sure-footed gait.  They may not have the speed of the larger horse breeds, but can travel greater distances and especially cover ground on more difficult terrain.  The Pony Riders of Bofflard provide the Dwarven army both scouts while marching and a unit of reliable troops in battle.

Another unit of 10mm Dwarves from Pendraken Miniatures are done.  This leaves me with a 5 more units to paint from my initial purchase.

1 unit of ranged (archers, crossbows, and some blunderbusses)
1 unit of artillery (cannons and mortars)
3 units of infantry

These little guys are pretty fast to paint, but my schedule right now doesn't give me a lot of time to paint.  At least with the 10mm I fill like I'm accomplishing something with my reduced painting time!