Sunday, September 11, 2016

Heart of the Mountain

Hey friends, sorry for a bit of delay.  Turns out I needed a bit of a break from painting and everything else.  Now, I think I'll be back on track... so here we go.  First off, I'll give my Dwarves I showed you a few posts back, but this time with a proper introduction!

King Braggust Coalfist VI

King Coalfist listened attentively to the latest report from General Thorgeld Bromlow while the anger he felt slowly began to creep into his expression.  When the report had finished, he spat upon the floor and looked first at General Thorgeld, and then the rest of the assembly.  He measured his voice and said, "That foul Lich Shilvain and his minions have tainted our borders with their stench for too long.  It is time we showed them that the Dwarves of Halvoskaar are no mere fleas to be picked at and smashed."  He rose from his thrown and all the assembled Dwarves bowed before him.  He exclaimed, "Rise my warriors!  Call forth the clans!  Assemble the armies for we march to meet Shilvain and his accursed horde!"

Heart of the Mountain

Whenever the Dwarves of Halvoskaar march to war the King will command his Grand Mage to retrieve the Heart of the Mountain.  The Grand Mage will take his entourage into the Mine of Basvick  to search for a large piece of rock that has magical properties.  The Geomancers will shape runes upon the stone that aid the mages in battle.  Although the Heart of the Mountain is merely symbolic, and not some ancient relic, many enemy armies have wasted valuable troops and resources to seek it's destruction in battle.

Here you can see the Heart of the Mountain with two rock Guardians (who also carry it around the battlefield).  In addition there are several mages and geomancers.

Next up on the list will be the Riders of Bofflard on their stout ponies.
(the OCD side of me is screaming right now that they don't all line up on the sticks!!)

See you soon!


  1. Nice, Rocky. I used to get a smile and small laugh out of watching an old guy in a movie do his OCD routine. I don't anymore.

  2. Great job Rod, love these 'rock guardians', very impressive!

  3. Welcome back mate! I'm very interested of your new project ;)

    1. Thanks Michal! Let me guess... could be Dwarves??