Thursday, March 5, 2015

Piles of Miniatures

Every so often the "show us your lead pile" conversation comes up in forums.  Like most miniature gamers, I do have one.  Is it bad?  Well, it's not great, but not near as big as it used to be.  When I got married I decided it was time to sort through the pile and figure out what I want to keep and what was on the I'm-never-gonna-get-that-done-list.  So, it's a pile that I can reasonably finish with just a bit of concentration and motivation.  It's actually a relief.  Here's a picture of my lead/plastic/resin pile...

I have 54mm American War of Independence, 15mm Vietnam, 28mm Fantasy, 28mm Weird War II, 28mm Pulp, 15mm WWII (Soviets, Germans, British), and finally 15mm Sci-Fi.

On the other side though, I have a bunch of painted figures to show for my hard work.  Most are pictured below, although there is more that is boxed up.

Top Shelf:  54mm American War of Independence
Next Shelf:  28mm Fantasy, 28mm Dark Ages, 15mm Sci-Fi
Next Shelf:  15mm Irish Guards, 15mm Soviets, and some Chaos Space Marines
Next Shelf:  54mm American Civil War (Union)
Next Shelf:  54mm American Civil War (Confederates)
Bottom Shelf:  Mexican Revolution (1911)


  1. Very nice looking display :) Could you please publish some close-ups of the shelves? That would be quite a treat :) Greetings!

    1. I'll do that here in the future. Thank you.