Saturday, February 28, 2015


So I've been a long time member of a Vietnam Wargaming forum called Fields of Fire: Reloaded.  They are a bunch of great guys and we have developed a great internet friendship over the years.  Anyway, we have a contest on occasions with a specific theme.  This go around it was Weird Vietnam.  It's not something I think I would game, but when I started thinking about the contest I immediately thought of the X-Men.  One of the hard things was trying to decide if I wanted Free World Forces (FWF) mutants or VietCong mutants.  Either way you could have a interesting story!  But, it was my desire to have a Wolverine-esque character that lead me to this group.  So here's my entry.  A SOG (Studies and Observation Group) team made up of mutants.

All the miniatures are from The Assault Group with some slight modifications using green-stuff and other handy items.

X-SOG Team

The Devil

He has above normal strength, but his greatest abilities are his empathetic and psychic abilities that make him great at manipulating people.  He is the group's leader mostly for his ability to be able to maintain control of this group's individualistic and volatile natures.  He's an intelligent and cunning foe.  Some folks will tell you he got his name from his skin color and tail, but most will tell it's because of the deals he will talk you into doing...

Fast regenerative powers.  Tough as nails.  He's called the shredder because he can produce a metal set of claws from each hand.

A berserker with super-human powers and retractable animal claws. Once he gets the "rage" it's best to just let him do his thing until he's back to normal.  Luckily for the safety and success of their missions, Devil has the ability to calm down Rage rather quickly.
Probably the weakest member in regards to combat, the Toadie makes up for it in pure craftiness.  He can get in and out of the worst terrain and has can hide anywhere with his chameleon like abilities.  Having a tongue that can reach anything within 18 feet is rather handy too.

That was a fun diversion.  Hope you guys get a smile out of it.


  1. Man, this is cutting edge stuff! Right on, bro.!! Give them a little bit of righteous justice!

  2. They're creepy, but beautifully painted. It's like an Vietnam LSD trip.