Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kh'Erian & Kh'Erasin MBTs

These are some 15mm Sci-Fi tanks I picked up from a Darkest Star Games kick-starter a while back. These will be part of my forces for the hard-core military sci-fi gaming.  For some reason I've always planned for this to be on a desert style planet, so with that in mind I wanted some desert style camouflage patterns.  These painted up pretty quick with the help of my trusty airbrush.  Added some desert sand pigments and washes to give them a nice dirty used look.  And here they are...

There were two choices of turrets, so I gave 3 of them the smaller barrel.  The one in the back has a longer barrel.  I'm not sure which is which as far as the names go.

Anyway, quick post today.  Hope you all are enjoying your week!