Saturday, March 12, 2016

Knights with Boobs and a French Lancer

Right now I'm still working my way through a unit of French Lancers,  but I took one night to knock out a few more figures for my Ion Age gaming.  These are some more retained Knights for the League of Yordan.  This whole unit is female, so to prove it beyond just having expanded chest armor, they decided to take off their helmets to show off their lovely hair styles.  Not sure how practical that is in combat, but I'm sure it helps with miniatures sales!

Also, I've finished my first lancer.  Took a bit as I worked on finding the right colors.  It will be hard to tell anything from this picture as I ended up washing out all the highlights with the lighting... oh well.  Miniature photography is harder than you'd think, no matter how many tutorials I read!


  1. Nice job, love your first lancer!

    1. Thank you Phil. Still not quite satisfied with that color of green but it'll do. :)

  2. <3 "Knights with Boobs and a French Lancer" <3 LOL Just love it! The title, the minis and the text! Great post Rod!!! Cheers!

  3. They could come out from a Douglas Adams book!!
    Nice and fancy colors!The lancer is great also!

  4. Thank you! And Douglas Adams happens to be one of my favorite authors!

  5. Excellent work on both periods Rod!