Saturday, January 2, 2016

Entering the Ion Age

I've been following the development of this line of miniatures called the The Ion Age for a while now.  It reminds me of some of those great space operas I read in my youth.  When you look at the miniatures you'll see they have their own distinct style.  Knights in space!  So when I finally felt I had time to commit to a new miniature endeavor I ordered the starter box that comes with miniatures and the game rules, Patrol Angis.

The first army I'm painting is the Prydian Army.  Following along with the descriptions in the rule book (which has lots of fluff I might add), the Prydian Army's colors are white and red.  I went with a slightly different scheme than was in the pictures, focusing more on red than white.  Maybe seeing so much of Santa these past few weeks was an influence???  I'm also leaving the bases intentionally "generic" because I want to try and play around with different alien terrain, and didn't want to set the figures to a certain theme.

Post of Retained Knights

Patrol Angis is a platoon level game, so I will be painting a platoon for each side (usually 20-22 figures).  The sub-elements you choose to make up your platoon is where you have the flexibility to match the force to your play style.  Right now I have what came in the starter, so for the Prydians I get two posts (10 men unit) of Retained Knights and two hero characters.  So I'm close to halfway done with the Prydians!

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