Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 In Review

In 2014, I basically stepped away from the hobby to focus on my personal life and for some reason I ended up deleting my old blog “Close the Ranks” (and about 3 years of work).  Not sure why when I reflect on it now, but when 2015 started I resolved to start a new blog and track my hobby progress.  It’s been worth it.  Not only do I feel like I’ve reconnected with internet "friends", but also discovered some new people to follow and it's fun seeing their projects develop as well.  We have a lot of wonderfully talented people in our hobby!

Blogging takes some effort but one of the benefits is at the end of the year you can flip back through your entries and see what all you’ve accomplished.  I must say I was really surprised at what I was able to complete this year.  Here’s the stats…

WWII (15mm)
121 Soviet Troops
51 Fallshirmjager
4 AT Guns
1 Russian Church
1 Russian Log House

Mexican Revolutions (28mm)
41 Rebel Troops
20 Federal Troops
1 Field Gun
1 Mexican Church
1 Train Station
1 Stucco Stables
Assortment of Mexico terrain (railroad tracks, telephone/telegraph poles, cacti, hills, etc…)

Sci-Fi (15mm)
66 Figures (humans and aliens)

Vietnam (15mm)
14 Viet Cong

Random Stuff
2 Dark Age Scots
1 Fantasy Adventurer
4 Vietnam Era X-Men

Commissions (not shown on my blog)
5 15mm Sci-Fi Cars
12 15mm Sci-Fi figures

So, if I pushed all the calculator buttons in the right order that’s 342 figures and 5 buildings.  I’m quite happy with these totals and pretty pleased with how 2015 went on the hobby side!

Now it’s time to focus on 2016.  I have to sit down and determine what projects/goals I want to accomplish and make a plan.  It will be a flexible plan though, because it's SO easy to get distracted by new releases and games.  I think it's really part of the whole hobby!

Thank you all for stopping by my little blog and offering comments and encouragement.  It is very motivating.  I wish you and your families all a blessed and happy new year!

Warm regards,


  1. I am happy that I found your blog. It gives me a source of many inspiration for me. Best wishes in 2016!

    1. Thank you Michal. It's been a pleasure watching all your progress on your blog.

  2. So many beautiful achievements! Happy New Year Rod...

    1. Thank you friend! Happy New Year to you Phil.

  3. Happy New Year, Rocky! You can add to your years stats: "I was down sized in proportion to my regular size, and now exist as a 15mm hillbilly and adventure! BTW: The Down-Sized-Ones will eventually finish their ride in Capt.Zeelow's 1940 Ford Sedan! Thanks for your patience.

    1. I'm excited to hear this Jay. Being downsized was one of my highlights 2015!

  4. Happy New Year Rod, back for a look around.
    Good to see you making plans , because it's so easy to get .....oh look ! a squirrel !

    1. Jimmi, I totally agree. For 2016, I have a solid plan and will not be distra....oh shiney!!