Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mobile Brigada - MULTI Rifle w/ Lt. Flame Thrower

The Mobile Brigada are the heavy infantry of the Nomad ship Corregidor.  Not only do they provide both offensive and defensive capabilities to a Nomad strike team, but you can also use one to be the Lieutenant of the team.  This one came with my Nomad starter box and is the last piece I needed to paint to complete the original starter.  Yay!!

I have roughly 6 games of Infinity played now, and this guy has served as my Lieutenant for about half the games.  There's also a box set of Mobile Brigada that you can buy that adds 4 more of these troops to your collection which adds a hacker, HMG, and missile launcher options.  Running a linked team of Mobile Brigada is commonly known as the "Pain Train."  I not to the point of wanting to try that yet... those little antennae were a pain to glue on!!  For now I'll be content with the one I have.  His light flame thrower can come in pretty handy.

Here's some pictures...

(Picture credits to my wife Alla)

Thanks for stopping by friends.  There'll be two more figures later this week.



  1. Very good looking miniature. Lovly armour and weapon colour.
    Great sir!

  2. Oh my goodness me, what a great miniature and such a great paint job too!

  3. As the boys down at Muddy's Bar and Grill would say, "Sheehoot! That Rocky Boy, he sure knowed how to twirl a brush!"
    And the spittoons went "split-splat!"

    1. Thanks Jay! I'm glad to give them old boys something to talk about besides the weather and swamp critters.

  4. Verr very nice...and impressive!

  5. serious looking dude! nice job :-)