Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Retained Knights for the League of Yorden

I'm back to working on my Ion Age starter set (plus extras).  I have 3 more battle suits to complete before I'm finished and ready to actually play a game.  It's about time I wrap this project up so I can have some fun to go along with all the work.

Anyway, here's the last unit of Retained Knight I needed for my League of Yorden.  Four of these figures are being reposted from earlier this year, but I wanted to show the completed unit so they're all together.

In addition, I'm not sure where I got this next figure.  I think it was the freebie that came from buying the starter box.  I'm not 100% positive though, and I couldn't seem to find the figure on the website.  Any-who, I believe this was labeled as a Knight Errant.  I decided to put it in the League of Yorden colors in case I wanted some more options for this army list.

Sadly, that was all I got to accomplish this weekend since I had to deal with a sinus infection.  If you ever get the opportunity to visit Texas I'll just go ahead and warn you that January through November is pretty much allergy season here (although December might get ya too...)  Good times.  Yeehaw!

Have a good week friends!



  1. Another great soldiers! Colour of armour is awesome! Cheers and good week!

  2. Great colours, well executed too Rod!

  3. Cool, splendid colors Rod!

  4. Fabulous job Rod, I wish I could yellow to look that good.

    1. Thank you Michael. The yellow can be a bit of an experiment...

  5. Splendid looking unit!! Get well soon, I know exactly how you feel!! :S Cheers Rod!

  6. Lovely painted figures! Like the color scheme!


  7. Very cool color scheme. It reminds of a Judge Dredd character whose name I can't remember.