Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dot - Dash - Dot...

Two more weeks until the convention and I'm furiously working away at the finishing touches to my Mexican Revolution game.  First thing was to add a bit of terrain to the board.  It's not really necessary for the game but visually I think it will give some appeal.  I'm talking about telephone/telegraph poles.  I will have these running parallel to my train tracks.  I got these at the hobby store.  They are made for model trains (O-gauge), which as you can see from the picture are a little tall for 28mm figures, but they looked more comparable than the HO scale poles.  I got 10 total, but only painted up 4 for the purpose of this game.

I also needed 6 more Villistas to fill out the ranks of my infantry.  Not wanting to buy another pack of 30 troops from Old Glory I decided to buy 6 old west figures from Knuckleduster.  And 2 troops from Gringo 40's.  I picked two to be my future artillery crew and the rest became line troops.  Here's the one's I picked for that role.  (artillery coming up in the next post!)

The first 5 are from Knuckleduster:

This last one is from Gringo 40's.


  1. Lovely figures, great painting Rodney!

  2. Very nice painting and basing of the combatants, Rocky. The poncho's fabric design is really cool work!!
    BTW: you might want to secure the T&T poles down on the battlefield w/double sided tape or something. Bumps w/hands or fingers can have the same effect as an earthquake. Been there done that.

    1. Thank you Jay. And good advice I'll work on that. I'm sure the table will be bumped a lot.

  3. Lovely job Rod, fantastic panchos and poles!

  4. Wonderful additions Rodney, full of villainous intent!