Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mexican Peons

I don't go to a lot of conventions, but at least every year in November I try to attend MilleniumCon hosted by the Lonestar Historical Miniatures Society here in Texas.  The convention takes place in Austin, Texas.  I had a pretty steady attendance record until last year when I was going through a house move and it was just not practical to try and go.  This year I will pick it back up and also have started plans to host a game.  I decided to run one of my growing projects The Mexican Revolution.

I still haven't decided completely on the scenario yet, but I do know I need more troops.  I have enough to make an enjoyable 2 player game, but I would like to target more around 5 players.  Since the Constitutionalistas (1913 revolutionaries) are most likely going to be the attackers I needed more of them.  I'm thinking 3 players are attacking and 2 players are the defenders.  

The bulk of the army were the poor peons who were fighting for the right to have some land to make a living.  So I plan to have 1 larger unit of peons for each Constitutionist player.  The peons mostly wore white, gray, and brown.  Very simple clothing so you won't see a lot of variation in the peons I will be painting.  Here's a batch of 16 I completed over the past couple of weeks.  All these are from Old Glory.

There's more on the painting table.  See you soon.


  1. Great job, Rocky! I'm backing the Peons.

    1. Thanks Jay! They'll appreciate your support...and some tortillas!

  2. These Muchachos are looking great...Revolucion!

  3. Adelante Amigos! Great looking fellows, congratulations!