Monday, July 27, 2015

Pancho Villa Goes to Church

This weekend I decided to visit one of my "finished" projects, the Mexican Revolution.  I used the quotes there on finished, because this is one of those projects I plan to add bits and bobs to as I feel like it.  I have what I need to play a game, so at this point anything new just adds more flavor to the game.  I've had this church sitting in my resin pile for over a year now taunting me to paint it.  So, I setup my airbrush and went to work.

Sadly, I have no idea who makes this church or where I even got it from.

Pancho Villa and a couple of his Villistas finish searching the church.  The Federales have removed all the ammunition they had been storing there just a few days before.

I've been itching to play with my Mexican Revolution figures for a few weeks now.  So I wouldn't be surprised if you see this church again in the very near future...


  1. Ah, there is the smell of gunpowder and refritos frijoles in the air.
    Nice job, Rocky.
    Looking forward to seeing the church in action.

    1. Thank you Jay. I'm smelling the tortillas myself.

  2. Looks like great fun is on the way... I´ll be waiting for the battle reports ;) Cheers!