Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spec Sec Characters

The painting of figures for my buddy continues.  Once again he's doing the basing so that just leaves me to slap on some paint.  The first is two different versions of the same person.  I really have no idea how to pronounce this guy's name, but he's Agent Diegylis.  He's in Medium Intensity armor on the left and civilian clothes on the right.  I thought his jacket kind of hand that old "bomber" jacket look so I added a flag on the back.  Just seemed to "fit" in my eye.

Agent Diegylis

Robear Medisi
I'm not really sure if this guy is a good guy or bad guy, but his name is Robear Medisi (a Tinker).  He really has this disco vibe going so I gave him some bright flashy colors.  Unfortunately the flash on the picture kind of blends it all together.  Side note... taking pictures of miniatures is really hard. Taking pictures of 15mm miniatures is enough to drive you crazy!!

Borg Davus
I think Borg's (short for Cyborg?) are the bad guys in this game setting.  I think the concept is kind of the Bladerunner approach where robots can get out of control and someone has to stop them.  Anyway, this guy does have a bit of a nasty look to him.

Borg Koios
I saved this one for last.  Probably because it's my favorite.  The sculpting on this one is just awesome.  It's very much got the Briareous look if you've ever watched or read Appleseed.  He is just a wee bit taller than all the other figures, but I think it's very fitting.

I have two more items to paint for him, but one of them is a giant robot that have no idea how to start on.  I still have nightmares of assembling the "Vantage Drive Armor" one a while back.  I believe I may have cried, scream, yelled and glued my fingers to just about everything before I eventually got it put together.  If you want to see it I added a tab up at the top of the blog called Sci-Fi.

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  1. Nice looking nightmares makers!

  2. Sweet! And the jacket artwork is a stroke of genius!

  3. Very nice job! Diegylis is my favourite - the armour version is great, but the bomber jacket one is just perfect! Cheers!

    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.