Monday, April 13, 2015

Main Force Viet Cong

Took a little break to paint some figures that have been in my lead pile for a while.  These are Main Force Viet Cong from Flashpoint miniatures.  They paint up really quick with the black uniforms.  I tried to make some of the uniforms a bit more faded than the others, but in 15mm that's really hard to tell.  Anyway, they have plenty of reinforcements on the way!  Here is the first batch.

Some of the different poses...

There's more figures and more poses in the blister.  I just tend to paint all the same poses at the same time that way I can try to give each a little variation.  Mostly in color but hard to tell from my pictures.


  1. Lookin' good, Rocky. Looks like this patrol is going to find some M16s pretty soon.

  2. Very nice. I've got Flashpoint NVA but I think I need to start a main force VC unit too