Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Men in Charge

I really set myself up for some special kind of pain when I decided to paint a mid-war Strelkovy Batalon.  In Flames of War terms this really is going to be a horde army when it's all done.  I plan to play it smart and pace myself.  The other thing is not to buy more infantry until I have painted the one's in my lead pile.  One thing I've heard about people doing Strelkovy Batalons is that they buy all the troops quickly and then lost their motivation looking at all those unpainted figures.  So, I'll paint a platoon before buying the next.  We'll see how that goes...

This batch I just finished is my Batalon commander.  When you buy this blister you get 5 command stands and 3 stands of komissars.  This will be handy to bulk up some of my other units as well.  

Now to start cleaning and prepping my first rifle platoon.